Visions of America

As a "war of civilizations" threatens Humanity, read The General Counsel Series to discover the civilization that is good, that is very good–the Promised Land.

In Visions of America (published together with Visions of the Church), discover America as first seen in the hearts of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, an ideal America where people:

  • seek a Promised Land where all people will be blessed
  • challenge Pharaohs who refuse to let people be free
  • help others by being Good Samaritans.

Admire George Washington for never giving in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Honor Abraham Lincoln for creating an America where liberty and union are one and inseparable, now and forever. In these troubled times, draw upon the strength and courage of all those Americans who found the faith to keep seeking New Frontiers even when it meant dying to help others.

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