Healing The Promised Land

Healing The Promised Land

As a "war of civilizations" threatens Humanity, read The General Counsel Series to discover the civilization that is good, that is very good–the Promised Land.

Healing the Promised Land draws upon high points of the Bible–from the rise of the Monarchy in Ancient Israel to the renewal of Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile–to teach us how to heal our personal Promised Lands and how to heal God's Promised Land.

In its pages, learn how:

  • David and Jonathan show Christians how to be best friends despite conflicting interests and jealousies
  • David's sins harm his Promised Land
  • Job's tragedies harm his Promised Land
  • David and Job gain spiritual maturity by experiencing "whirlwinds" that harm their Promised Lands
  • David heals his Promised Land through his passion for worshiping God, his vibrant prayer life, and his boundless vision for the future of God's people
  • Greed, lies and violence destroy the Promised Land
  • Worshiping the LORD in spirit and in truth heals the Promised Land.

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