Tim Harner is a graduate of Harvard Law School where he was an editor of the Harvard Law Review.

His blogs are adaptations from books he’s already published or books he’s writing.

At the moment, he is posting passages from Visions of America (published together with Visions of the Church).

In Visions of America, Tim describes the ideal America that was first discovered in the hearts of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, an ideal America where people:

  • seek Promised Lands where all people are blessed
  • overcome Pharaohs who refuse to let people be free
  • are Good Samaritans who help people from other nations, races and religions

This ideal America beckons anyone from any nation who longs to see a world where all people are blessed, all people are free, and all people help each other regardless of the other person’s nation, race or religion.

Any person from any nation can be this kind of American (not just citizens of the United States) even though that person still remains a 100% completely loyal citizen of a nation other than the United States, including nations in Asia (such as China and India), Europe (such as Russia and Turkey), Africa (such as Egypt and the Congo), and the Middle East (such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran).